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Studio Apartment Trend in Pune


Pune has always been known as the educational capital of India. Being one of the fastest growing IT hubs of India, Pune has a multicultural population with good social infrastructure, excellent educational institutes. There is good reason why real estate in Pune is proving to be a huge success. State of the art infrastructure, amenities at close call and projects in prime locations has added up to the value of properties in pune. Apart from this, Studio Apartment is concept which is coming in trend in real estate market.

What Is Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is that consists of a single open space, with the exception of the bathroom, enclosed by walls. Kitchen, bedroom and living room space must all be carved out of the same room. It is a small apartment which has a living room combined with a dining and bedroom, and sometimes a kitchen too.

A one-room unit including the bedroom, living room and dining area, along with a compact kitchen and an attached bathroom is what a youngster dreams of before moving to a new city. The concept of one-bedroom studio apartments has now days started embracing in Pune. Also known as bachelor homes, studio apartments are very popular among the young IT professionals and working in the manufacturing sector.

This Blog is getting to know why the one-bedroom studio apartment trends have increasing in Pune.

Here are some Benefits of studio Apartment:

  1. The free layout gives an opportunity to move easily around the flat. There is no need to open and close the doors all the time, squeezing into the narrow corridor when there is someone else going.
  2. The vast choice of the ideas – you can buy the furniture that you like, escaping the furniture that just fits into the doorway. It is possible to realize even the boldest architectural ideas.
  3. Huge space to perform all your household tasks simply, as everything is in one place.
  4. Studio Apartments are considerably cheaper than most normal multi room apartments. This is due to Builder will often come with some communal facilities in the apartment complex, which will be free to use.
  5. They are easy to keep clean, because there is so little to clean, and it’s all in one place.
  6. They are usually located in central locations, with great travel links. So are great for working away from home or university studies.
  7. Most efficiency/studio apartments have lower electric and utility bills since they have less square-footage to heat and cool, which can make them an appealing choice if you are on a budget.


Studio apartments in Pune, sized 450-650 sq. ft. is generally available in the price bracket of Rs 4,500-6,800 per sq. ft. Thus, a 450-sq-ft apartment is available for Rs 20 lakh. On an average, the range for studio apartments is available between Rs 20-45 lakh. The rental values range between Rs 7,000-8,000 per month.

There are many builder and developers who provides the studio apartment Pune. Some of the popular projects are as below:

  1. Amanora Park Town in Magarpatta
  2. Blue Ridge in Hinjewadi
  3. Belmondo Lodha in Ravet, Mumbai- Pune Expressway
  4. Lavasa City in Lavasa
  5. Goel Ganga Developers Stuio Apartments in Koregaon Park
  6. Vrindavan Katyayani Infracon Pvt Ltd, Upawan, etc.

Localities offering Small comfort in Pune include IT hubs such as Magarpatta, Hinjewadi and Kharadi and residential localities such as Kothrud and Koregaon Park. People coming from abroad prefer to stay in studio apartments as they are familiar with the concept.

From the viewpoint of investment also, studio apartments are a likely option for regular rental income. In addition, studio apartments are maintenance-friendly too. Thus, many young people prefer to invest in studio apartments as ‘starter homes’ with the intention of upgrading it to larger homes later on.

Expert discloses, studio apartments give better rental income compared to traditional housing as they claim several value added features. Hence, studio apartments are good as they are cost-effective, easier to rent out or sell. It is practically the only residential outline which continued to see demand in the real estate sector.


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