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Studio Apartment for an Investment


Studio Apartment is nowadays one of the favorite options for home buyers.  This type of apartment may be the right choice for someone who needs an inexpensive home. However, studio apartments require some compromises in living style.

What is Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment consists of a single room plus a bathroom. The single room of the apartment must function as the kitchen, living room and bedroom.  It refers to small-type apartment which is simply a multipurpose room. Basically, it means cooking, sleeping, working/studying in just one room. Studio apartments are the smallest and cheapest type of apartment to rent at a given location. A studio apartment may not sound like the ideal home but it does come with a lot of benefits.

What is the Difference between Studio Apartment and Single Apartment?

An apartment is a self-contained, usually private residence. It is almost always in a larger building. Single apartments usually have a full kitchen, either fully apart from the main living room or separated from it by a counter, as well as a dining area, which is typically an extension of the living room. There is almost always a separate full bathroom. Generally in Single Apartment, There is separate living room, Bedroom, Bathroom and Kitchen.

Studio Apartment is different than a single apartment. Studio apartment is a one room which consist the sleeping area and living area are combined into one central room with Kitchen. There are no other major rooms, only the occasional alcove. If a studio has a kitchen, it is a part of the central room, while sometimes separated by a counter. Some studio apartments have no proper kitchen at all, in which case the tenant usually has access to a common kitchen.  Many studio apartments have their own private bathroom, which is usually set off in its own small room.

Studio Apartment as an Investment:

Studio apartments are best for singletons or couples. Most people who start working or those who have recently got married can’t afford to buy big apartments, especially in metro cities, where housing is expensive even if you rent it.


Studio apartments are typically very affordable. Living in a tiny space can be very practical, especially since you will save a lot of money on utilities. These apartments are usually the most affordable units you can find.

Returns on Investments:

Studio apartments have a good appreciation potential. Owing to increasing demand for housing, even the limited numbers of studio apartments are attracting investors. Developers have already started increasing rates that may continue moving up in the future, too. The main advantage is that monthly outgo/ rent for the house will remain the same since the EMI will be equal to the rent that you are paying. Besides, you will own an asset whose price will rise in the future.

Not as much space to clean:

Every cleaning task, from dishes, to sweeping, to vacuuming and even laundry is all diminished due to your living space being physically smaller and having less room to keep clothes. So you need not to take too efforts to clean your home.


With everything in one room and within reach, cooking, cleaning, paying bills and even watching the evening news can all be done without having to switch rooms. It is kind of multi-tasking room where you need not to go in another room.

Easy to Furnish:

Studio apartments are easy to furnish too, simply because you do not have enough space for a lot of pieces. Your organizational skills will be harnessed as you find ways to keep your space functional. For instance, you may just use double-purpose furniture to maximize your space. Sofa-come-beds are a great choice.



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