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Luxury Walk-In Wardrobes For Men


From lavish dress-up rooms to hi-tech luxurious chill-out zones, walk-in wardrobes for men mark a generational shift and are redefining luxury.

Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s much-admired fantasy walk-in closet in the movie ‘Sex and the City‘?  The 400-sq-ft guest bedroom transformed into the famous walk-in wardrobe, not only stunned movie audiences the world over but also coined the term ‘shoe-gasm‘: the closet held more than 400 pairs of designer shoes. That was her. Contrary to popular notion, men too invest a lot of time and effort in their appearance, a fact which has today evolved into a luxury statement.

In India, although women’s fashion gets all the attention, Indian men’s wardrobe style has undergone the same transformation over the years. Men have become more stylish, following the trends of time. This is especially true about accessories like belts, shoes, watches, fragrances, cuffs, ties and even eye-wear. Men today, are equally style conscious and love being pampered.

Once a privilege reserved only for women, walk-in wardrobes have now become objects of desire for Indian men too, whose idea of dressing up in style includes pampering sessions combined with utmost luxury. The humble storage space, as it was perceived earlier, is now taking centre-stage and has become an envious accessory. Today, men’s walk-in wardrobes can be equipped with features that must surely be a dream concoction of every man: breakfast areas; sound systems; library-style stacking shelves for shoe and bag collections; secret jewellery safes camouflaged by mirrors; LED-illuminated cases filled with couture clothing; elegantly-designed silk or velvet-lined drawers for accessories like sunglasses; climate-controlled coat cabinets; and lavish décor with crystal chandeliers and marble vanities, among others. Then there is the envious display of luxury: wine refrigerators, television areas and cigar humidors. Some international luxury goods companies have even gone to the extent of incorporating private entertainment rooms.

The idea of a closet has changed from being just a space to stack clothes, to a fully-loaded styling room. It can host a mini-spa, a dressing zone with a full-length mirror, well-stacked options of fragrances, bags and belts. Watches demand special care and attention. The idea of ‘less is more’ is a thing of the past. These days, it’s the concept of ‘the more the merrier’ which rules.

Although the makers of such luxurious joys aim to create dressing rooms with utmost elegance, functionality is paramount too. For men, walk-in wardrobes are evolving into high-tech chill out zones that merge beauty with functionality. These walk-in wardrobes mark a generational shift – from custom-built dressing rooms. Introduction of technology and automation has been the current trend, which keeps these suave businessmen excited. Take the instance of a mirror which has an inbuilt television screen – you can get dressed while you get your sports update; that’s what excites men of today’s times.

LED lighting is the latest innovation that has been added to walk-in wardrobes. In order to identify the colours of business suits, designers insert streams of LED lights below hanging areas and overhanging shelves, so that clothes are illuminated from both, above and below. Motion-controlled lighting is in demand, backed with special task lighting to highlight apparels, making it easier to choose suits for different occasions.

Library-style coding is another inclusion in the luxurious walk-in wardrobes segment, with encyclopaedic wardrobes becoming more popular by the day. For such wardrobes, designers install a specially-designed app in their client’s phone and iPad, which takes photographs of his favourite clothes and matches them with shoes, belts, watches, wallets, etc. It then stores them with the help of codes and hanger numbers, in such a way that the client can search for a complete look or browse through individual clothing items and accessories. Organised automated shelving systems for ties, jackets and suits, are the desire of every man today. You need not dig into the depths of your closet today to find that favourite LV belt. With system fittings available today, those belts and ties can be easily organised or stacked.

The advent of a rich class of businessmen who are well-travelled, gadget-savvy and do not mind splurging for their comfort, is emerging in India. This has not only brought new dimensions of luxury to the forefront but has also introduced new phenomena like walk-in wardrobes, which promise to redefine the concept of luxury.

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