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How to increase the value of property


The real estate market goes up and down in cycles, the temporal order of getting a valuation is as vital as something you’ll do to enhance your property. the following pointers have return from analysis, through books, the web and chatting with land Agents, Property Managers and Property valuers , all professionals in their field have shared their information and skill. Following  tips   results to propel you towards achieving your goals and dreams.

There are several refined stuff you will do around your home to form it a far a lot of pleasant surroundings, that successively can have an impression on your property worth. Have you ever walked into a house, room or space of any kind and just liked it without knowing quite why, it just had a good feel about it. Believe it or not this sense will have a bearing on your valuation, Property valuers Small changes that can increase the value of property feeling and small changes that can increase the value of property valuation of a property that contains a sensible feel to that.

Below are some ideas for small changes you can make to your home that won’t cost a great deal, some of these are a once off thing, others you can choose to do on a regular basis or simply at valuation time, for us, we prefer the regular basis option as it definitely has a positive effect on the living environment for you or your tenants.


Giving your home a coat of paint will provides it a brand new lease on life and a recent feel. You will value more highly to merely repaint within the same colors, this is often very solely effective if your existing paint is in poor condition, Our recommendation is to feature some color to your home, this could be done outwardly and internally with feature colors in specific locations, It is well to use an indoor designer to settle on the most effective colors for your home and also the location of any feature colors to actually bring your home to life.

Garden Maintenance

Keeping your gardens and lawns tidy and freed from weeds (particularly the front yard) incorporates a massive impact on the looks of your property. It is conjointly an honest plan to prune the plants in your garden, We would advise obtaining skilled advise for the proper ways and time to try to this for your existing plants. If you are not a long suit or don’t wish to require the chance of tenants property your plants die, you have got a handful of choices, the primary factor we would recommend is to plant drought tolerant plants, the second is to rent a landscape maintenance company to try to the work for you.

New Floor Coverings

Where your carpets or alternative floor coverings area unit worn on the far side the purpose of redemption through skilled improvement they ought to get replaced. There are many ways that to minimise prices. It is important to think about however the new covering blends with the present coverings of neighboring rooms. Secondly, near new second hand carpets are often available and may be suitable for your home (the internet or your local floor covering companies are a good place to start looking for these. End of run stock can also be purchased at a significantly reduced price.

New Window Coverings

Window coverings are primarily used for keeping private affairs from peering into your home, something you may not consider though is that they also play a role in the thermal performance of your home. Ineffective or worn window coverings should be replaced with consideration to style, thermal performance, colour and materials.

New Light Fixtures / Lamp Shades

Light fittings can be one of the most telling signs of an aging building, fortunately it is very easy and affordable to replace outdated styles with something more modern.

Today, low level down lights are most commonly used in new homes, if you have the surface mounted batten fix style lights in your home you have two choices, you can simply replace the outdated lamp shade with something more modern, or you could have an electrician replace the existing lights with low level down lights. Hanging pendant style lights can tend to make a room feel smaller and we recommend only  using these in rooms with high ceilings. You may also consider updating the style of your switches and power points if they are damaged and dirty, dimmer switches are very useful for controlling lighting levels.

Replace the Front Door

It is not often that replacing all the doors in your home is advisable, however as the front door is the point of entry to your home and is part of the overall first impression, We would recommend replacing the door if it is unsightly, worn, broken or is an outdated style.

New Door Handles

Certain styles of door handles or knobs give an appearance and feel of being cheap and nasty, replacing old, cheap knobs with good quality handles will lift the perception of quality in your home.

Vastu Consultation

It is my belief that the feel of a home has a lot to do with the flow of energy around the rooms, Vastu is a time proven system used to experience improvements and increased satisfaction in all aspects of your life and we believe it has a major impact on achieving a good feel to your home for visitors. A quality vastu consultant will assess your home and make recommendations for improving the energy of your home.


Quite often older homes will not have a particularly generous allocation of windows and as a result can have dark areas. Not only do dark rooms feel a bit dirty, they can also be somewhat unhealthy. Dark, damp rooms are susceptible to the growth of mould which has been linked to several health problems. Installing a skylight will not only help to avoid these potential health problems, the extra light will also make the room seem larger, warmer and more inviting

New Benchtops and Cupboard Doors

Replacing benchtops and cupboard doors is a great way to give the appearance of a new kitchen without the expense of replacing the cabinetry itself, replacing the appliances and sink will also help with this.

Install a Dishwasher

A dishwasher is a modern convenience that most of us use on a regular basis, if your property does not have a dishwasher then installing one into your existing kitchen will definitely have multiple benefits.

Electric Garage Door Opener

This is yet another modern convenience that most of us insist on, it is particularly useful in inclement weather. If your garage door is not able to take an electric opener then we would recommend replacing the door.

Storage (Garden Shed)

In a world where we all tend to collect a lot of stuff, and too many of us refuse to throw things away, claiming that we may need it one day, storage space is a premium. Building extra storage space at your home, such as a garden shed, is sure to prove beneficial.


If you have a plain concrete driveway, having a stencil pattern laid over it can really lift its appearance, there are a wide range of patterns and colours available. If you already have a stencil driveway and it is looking a little worn, it may be time to have it resealed. (it is recommended this should be done every 3-5 years), this will give it a new lease on life. Stencil patterns may also be used for outdoor entertaining areas and around your pool, practically anywhere you have plain concrete.

Air Conditioning

This is more important in certain climates than in others, ie location where the climate is more extreme, however that does not mean to say that in less extreme climates an air conditioning unit would not be a welcome addition to your home. There are two main options, the first is a localized split system, located in a particular room only and a very cost effective way to go, the second is a fully ducted system, covering all areas of your home, much more effective but also more costly.

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