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Property Investment is very vast and complicated process, consisting full time job to make decision to invest in property. If you are planning to invest in property, many things will come across your mind quickly like, “Is this mode of investment safe?”, “ What is right time to invest into a property?”, “Where Should I invest?”, “How to invest?”, “how much should I invest?”, “what are the Returns from the property?”, “where can I get a good appreciation rate?”, Investing in residential, commercial or plots? etc.

To make this process easier, Flatons launches a new web portal that is, where investors can easily find out each and every aspect of property investment in Pune. This is largest property investment platform where you will get ample amount of investment properties including its details and calculated figures on factors like, profit margin, rental returns, EMI etc. It will bring you on a right path to property investment process and help you on each step of property investment.

Lets check out How it Work?

  • Free sign up for smart investment opportunities:

Investment opportunities are only available to registered investors. It takes just one minute to sign up and you will get smart investment opportunities with ample number of options for investment properties to choose the best one. By signing up on, you will get an account secured with password, where you can log in at any time to search a property. It will save your time and money by giving you an exact figure out of the project details.

  • Browse as per requirement:

Upon sign up you will have access to all the investment opportunities listed on platform also you can search your suitable property as per your requirement. It will work as a search tool where you can search a properties on basis of location, price, builder, possession of project, max returns, max rental yield etc. It will show you the exact result which help you to save your time in whole process of property investment.

  • Proper Analysis of Investment alternative:

This portal not only will give you the property details but it will show you the accurate and correct financial module of particular property consisting Minimum Investment amount, annual returns, expected rental returns, short term and long term growth rate in particular locality, bank loan rate, no of years of loan should be retain, capital growth, residential vacancy rate and many more. Also it will give you all details regarding population growth, employment rate in locality, builders reputation, infrastructure facilities etc.
It will automatically analyze the properties and gives you a result which property is suitable for you. It helps you to take a decision in property investment.

Making a decision on Investment Opportunities:

Capital Growth Rate > 10%

Since capital growth is the element that enables a property investor to achieve long term wealth and security, first and foremost, the property recommended must be in a location that has a consistent track record of at least a 10% annualized capital growth rate.

Residential Vacancy Rate < 20%

The best indicator to determine the ratio between the current levels of supply versus the current level of demand is the Residential Vacancy Rate.

Established and Planned Infrastructure

Some of the specific elements that influences demand within an area is the degree to which established infrastructure is readily accessible and, as such, it is important that the existing infrastructure surrounding a property be properly assessed and identified.

Median Property Price ± 20%

We recommend that a property investor invests at a price point that is in the range of ± 20% of median property price for that particular area on any one particular property.

Rental Yield

Our analysis shows that the area that has a high rental yield will have a low capital growth rate and vice versa

Population Growth

Basic laws of supply and demand and the area that is experiencing a positive population growth would result in the ever increasing level of demand for housing.

so hurry, you may find your dream home while searching for investments….


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