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Know your Property Areas in terms of Square Foot


If you are going to buy the home, you get hundreds of dimensions and thousands of details. The most and first important thing is Location and after the location you look at the area in square foot of your home as second important thing. It is always advisable to get the house plan that give overall information about the blueprint. The house plans give you general information such as square footage and overall dimensions.

This blog gives you the details regarding the terms like the Area in Square Foot and Carpet area, Built-up area and Super Built-up Area of your home.

Square Footage:

Square footage of house plan tells you how many square feet of finished space a plan occupies. The finished space is the heated area of the home. Finished space usually has floor coverings such as wood, vinyl, ceramic, or carpeting. Unfinished areas such as garages, porches, decks, attics, courtyards, and driveways are not included as part of the finished square footage of a plan. A basement is not included in the finished square footage unless the basement is finished.

Square footage is not the same as the floor space. Typically, the square footage is calculated by using the dimensions starting from the outside studs of the exterior. The square footage doesn’t include exterior wall coverings such as brick, stucco or siding. The square footage does include space that is taken up by walls.

Understand the Dimensions:

On floor plans, the width is usually shown first and the depth is shown next. For example if a room dimension is shown as 10’ x 12’ then the width is 10 feet and the depth is 12 feet. “Width” means measurements going from side to side. “Depth” means measurements going from the front to the back of the home.

When a floor plan gives the dimensions of a room, it shows the interior dimensions. Room dimensions are measured from interior wall to interior wall and are usually the same as the floor covering dimensions.

Very often when we go to look at home, we come across terms like Carpet Area, Built-up Area, Loading, Saleable Area etc. It is important to know what they are so that we can make an informed decision.

Carpet Area:

Carpet Area is the area that you actually get inside the house. It is the area of the apartment that does not include the area of the walls. Carpet area of the apartment includes a carpet that can cover or the total usable area within the four walls of an apartment, or a commercial space. Carpet Area of a property is defined as the net usable area from the inner sides of one wall to another.

Build-Up Area:

Build-up area is the area covered by inner and outer walls and additional areas mandated by the authority such as flower beds, dry balcony etc. The build-up area consist the carpet area. Built-up area includes the space covered by the thickness of the inner and outer walls of the flat or the area of the apartment that includes the area covered by the walls.

Super Build-Up Area:

This includes the built up area along with the area under common spaces such as the lobby, lifts, stairs, etc. It consist Build-up area and the equivalent area under the common spaces of a building like lobby, staircases and elevators. It is also known as Saleable Area.



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