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How to Invest in Property and Make Good Returns?


It is a wise decision of investors to invest in property as we are seeing consistent growth in the real estate sector. And it will continues as it is for the next many years. So, here are some points you should look into before you invest in property.

Where to buy?

Location is a key factor to invest in property, so irrespective of the type of property you’re thinking about investing in, it’s worth aiming for the best location you can afford.

Look for an area that has strong tenant appeal to invest in property, offering:

  1. Proximity to public transport.
  2. Nearby facilities like schools, shops and hospitals.
  3. Lifestyle options including cinemas and restaurants.

Maximizing capital growth:

With such a diverse property market, rates of capital growth around Pune vary widely. Even within one area there can be ‘markets within markets’. Take a look at the check-list below for ideas on how to pick an area with good growth potential to invest in property:

  1. Does demand exceed supply?
  2. Does the area have low prices, which are expected to rise in the near future
  3. Are neighbouring suburbs experiencing good capital growth?
  4. Are there developments happening, or planned for the area, that will have a positive impact on prices?

Which type of property to invest in?

The question of whether to invest in a house, an apartment, or a villa may be dictated by price. Apartments tend to be more affordable than houses though there can be exceptions to this depending on the condition and quality of the property, its location and the presence of unique features like views.

Some experts recommend buying houses as land rises in value while buildings depreciate. Again, this is not always the case. Our growing preference for low-maintenance inner-city living is seeing apartments in some cities outperform suburban houses in terms of price appreciation.

While houses often appeal to families who may be more likely to be long term tenants, the maintenance costs of houses can exceed those of apartments.

Ultimately it all comes down to thoroughly researching the area you would like you buy in, and matching the type of property with your investment budget.

Happy Investing!


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