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How to Check Construction Quality of Property?


When you are going to purchase a home, there are so many things you need to be considered properly, because buying a home is a life time event and it is a very important decision you are going to take in your life time. So as a home buyer, you always want to ensure that the home will be safe and sound for its inhabitants, remain livable for a maximum amount of years. For this, always need to check the construction quality of the property which you want to purchase because, most builders will ensure that everything looks organized an glossy on the surface even if they do not necessarily follow quality construction norms.

If the quality of materials used faulty or cheap cost then it may affect the life of building and trouble the inhabitants. A defective and careless construction leads to delays and interrupts building codes. To avoid these future troubles regarding the construction of the property, it’s very important to check the quality of construction. Let’s have a look on some points which will definitely helpful for you while checking construction quality.

Reputation of Promoter, Contractor and Architect:

While buying a property you always preferred to go to the reputed builder but have you check the reputation of the contractor and architects? This is very important to get the details of architect and his previous work. As well as you need to get the details of the contractor’s previous work so that you will get to know whether he is able to complete the task in the given period of time or not.

Design of Property Structure:

The strength of a building is totally depending upon its structure and design. Especially the high rise buildings use its intelligent designs to withstand in heavy air current. Therefore, you need to check the structure of the project, style of design as well as quality of steel used. In this case, you can use third party professionals also to checking the project structure.

Soil Investigation:

As per the norms, builder has to check a type of soil before any construction. It is important because the variety/type of soil will decide the amount of load that can be put on it.  Its quality depends on alignment, which differs from place to place. So if a tall building is established on the wrong type of soil then this may affect the structure of the building and will be easily disposed to minor earthquakes.

Material Check:

You should check the quality of materials that have been used for interior designs. This can include the electrical fixtures, the fixtures used for plumbing, and the type and grade of materials used for tiling, flooring, and designing doors and windows.  As per the Construction norms, every builder must hold the certified concrete mixture laboratory results (the mixture which is used in the building). The ability of the concrete is one of the deciding factors of the strength of building. Patched cracks in a building’s exterior can be an indicator that the project has a faulty foundation.

Check out the Walls:

Check up on the thickness of the external walls. If they are 6-inches walls, it is not a very stable construction. A 9-inch wall is always better. Builders should mention the width of the walls in layout plans and booking/purchase agreements.

Fixtures and Finishing:

When the unit is ready, it is advisable to check if bathroom fittings, wires, electrical fittings, etc, have been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The quality of plaster, tiles, marbles and paints should be checked properly. If you have any doubt, ask the builder about the brands used. The use of poor-quality paints and tiles means you will have to replace them early.

Professional Advice:

After checking all the points, still you have doubts regarding the credibility of the project and find projects from reputed builders or star-rated projects way beyond your reach, hire the services of a qualified architect or a structural engineer to inspect the quality of construction. Apart from that you can also ask the builder to hire an inspection agency which will not cost you anything. Many reputed builders take the CIDC-CQRA quality certification that certifies the project up to standards.



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