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Highlight Your Walls with Fresh Ideas:


Walls are an integral part of an interior, whatever the expanse of the space dealt with. Even in the smallest of spaces, walls have an overwhelming presence, especially when highlighted right to lend a difference. Even the simplest of decors can be made to appear stylish, rich, charming, with a unique character by cleverly tweaking the wall decor.

Type of accents:

Accenting the walls can be in the form of wallpaper, texture paint, strong contrasting highlight colors, hand-painted oil artwork, murals, fabric paneling, backlit semi-precious stone panelling, even structural textures such as stone cladding or stone walls and exposed brick walls. Wood panelling too adds an element of interest and warmth to the decor. Depending on the size and functionality of the room, this accenting alters.

Decor around accents:

Based on the type of accent chosen, the rest of the decor would veer around this highlight zone, further enhancing the accents displayed. Thus, a beautifully textured stone wall would lend a rustic feel to the decor. The furniture can be grouped around this accent wall, where the stone wall serves as the main highlight around which the decor is designed.


Wallpapers come in plenty of options, each displaying designs and textures besides imitating various materials such as stone, clay and concrete murals, silk fabric or even a spectacular oil artwork. When showcased on the wall, the decor is totally transformed, the ambience instantly breathing the essence of the accent displayed.

Wallpapers serve as excellent backdrops not just in the seating area, the living room or in the dining space but also over the headboard in the bedroom. These look especially grand when they sport exquisite motifs or imitate silk fabric, concrete murals or even stone.

Fabric panels:

Fabric panelling is an arresting wall accent, especially in bedrooms over the headboards, the patterns, colors and textures lending character to the space. A rich silk in the form of tussars and brocades would further enhance the beauty of the decor. Fabric can also be framed exotically and displayed in the living area as a large piece of artwork to add opulence to the space.

Exposed bricks:

While wood serves as a warm accent for walls when used in exotic ways of panelling, exposed bricks used as a highlight wall can be totally charming and earthy, completely altering the ambience. Not only does the texture and raw state of the bricks bring in a sense of warmth and connection to nature, the colors are so vibrant, it brings life to the space.  An exposed brick wall can be even more charming when teamed with greenery and artifacts in brass and stone placed in niches.

Canvas the Area:

Hang canvases painted with interior latex paint to brighten blank walls. Think big: The canvases should fill the wall.


Stone walls, be it in the form of cladding or solid stone, again serve to be spectacular. This is further enhanced when the accent stone wall is teamed with the right artifacts and natural decor elements. Besides materials, colors and textures, a spectacular highlight can be created by using stone chipped wall cladding teamed with lush greenery and water bodies. This looks spectacular when appropriately lit.

Be Crafty:

A variation on the idea: Make use of mittens missing their mates. Cut felt to fit the backing of the frame then use craft glue to adhere the felt. Center the mitten on the felt and glue it down; let dry overnight.

Textured paints:

Decorating a home should not be expensive and change all things. By just changing your wall colors has also changed the atmosphere in the house. Textured paints are again an excellent material for accentuating a wall. Just as wallpapers, texture paints come in various shades and with different features, emulating stone, bricks, and other natural materials, as well as elements such as fabrics.

Semi-precious stones:

Backlit semi-precious stone panelling can again make for an excellent accent wall, especially given the natural beauty of these stones that literally come alive when lit. A seating area veering around such backlighting can be stunning, the diffused light from the highlight wall throwing patterns into the interiors.

Hang Plates:

Plates in unexpected colors make a fresh wall arrangement. Vary hues (within a family), sizes, and textures. Put the most dramatic plate toward the center (lay out the plates first to experiment); attach wire plate hangers and hang plates on picture nails.

Hang a Gallery of Photos:

Mine your albums for your best shots (pick a theme: weddings, birthday parties, vacations) and put them in identical frames. Hang in a tight grid or a long line—you can’t go wrong if you stick to a geometric arrangement.












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