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Decorate home with “Wool” in this Season:


Wool is a beautiful and natural fiber that lends warmth and comfort to any application, whether it’s a cozy blanket, a wool sweater or a pair of mittens. But, wool can also be used in various ways to add beauty and charm throughout the home as well. Here are seven funs, easy and decorative ways you can use wool as a decorative item in your home. Wool is such a wonderful material. It’s natural and eco-friendly. It’s comfortable. It adds warmth to the home. The battleship of the naturals, wool is a fabric that provides long wear. Wool can be scratchy and warm, however, and some people may be allergic to it (your dog, too, might have an allergic reaction to wool carpeting or upholstery).

Where to Use It: Wool makes fabulous hard-wearing wall-to-wall carpeting. Wool sheepskin, in its natural state, brushed and airy with long fibers, makes wonderful small floor coverings at the side of a bed or near a cozy fireplace. Wool upholstery will last to the next ice age. Think of wool upholstery as the famous Pendleton shirt, which warms and breathes well simultaneously. For some people, though, it gets a little too warm.

There are also a few other ways to add wool to your home. Wool blankets and throws are popular. Lush wool-upholstered furniture is ideal. And wool textiles or clothing can be hung as art in the home.

Do you use wool in your home decor? Here are fun, easy and decorative ways you can use wool as a decorative item in your home.

Bowl with Colorful Wool:

Take a decorative bowl, fill it with balls of different colored wool yarn and set it on any table in the home. The yarn lends a warm rustic touch while the colors you choose add a festive feel depending on the season. You can also take various sizes of foam craft balls and cover them in wool fabrics for a different take on this classic decoration.



Hang the wool shapely: 

Add some warmth and character to your bland drapes by adding a strip to two of wool trim to them. You can even make gorgeous fringed strips by taking a strip of wool fabric, fringing the sides and gluing ribbon along the inside edge of the frays. Add it to the drapes using fusible webbing and you won’t even have to break out the sewing machine.


Decorate dining room:

Placing a wool throw on the dining room table will give your dining room a cozy and warm feel all winter long. Or, you can use an extension rod and hang a wool curtain in the dining room’s door way to help separate the dining room from the other parts of the house.

Use of Wool Bands:

If you have a solid color pillow that could use a little touch up, sew a band of wool fabric over the center of it to give it a warm appearance. Likewise, you can use wool fabric bands to cover decorative bottles, as accents on your cabinet windows or to help soften up the look of your wicker baskets. Basically, wool fabric bands can be added to anything to make them stand out!

Wool Bedhead Slip Cover:

Sewing a slip cover for your headboard out of wool will give your bedroom a fresh, warm feel during the winter months. In fact, you may love the feel of wool against your head so much that you might find yourself sewing several slip covers so you have one for every season. Add a wool bed-skirt made out of the same material and you will really give your bedroom a splash of color and texture it’s been missing.

Use Wool as a Background:

If you have a cabinet in the living room or some other area in the home, cut pieces of wool to size and secure them to the back walls of the cabinet’s cubby holes for a splendid and colorful look.

Make Art Using Wool:

Take a picture frame and cut a piece of wool fabric to fit within the frame. Then, cut another piece of wool fabric into the shape of something you like, maybe a certain breed of dog or a goose, and place it over the sheet of wool fabric. Put the picture frame back together and you have an instant piece of art made of wool!

Advantages of Using Wool in home:

Material Advantages:

  1. Wool is natural, renewable and sustainable
  2. Sheep Wool Insulation is perfectly safe to touch and requires no specialized safety clothing or equipment, making it easy to install
  3. It causes no irritation to the eyes, skin or lungs and wool fibers present no hazard to your health
  4. Wool fibres are breathable, meaning they can absorb and release moisture without reducing thermal performance unlike fiber glass based products
  5. Wool does not support combustion and will extinguish itself in the event of fire
  6. Sheep Wool Insulation does not settle due to the high elasticity of the wool fibers ensuring no loss of performance over time

Performance Benefits:

  1. Wool has a higher fire resistance than cellulose and cellular plastic insulation
  2. It does not burn, but instead singes away from fire and extinguishes itself. Wool is self-extinguishing because of its high Limiting Oxygen Index, which means to completely burn wool an oxygen content of 25.2% is necessary whereas air only has 21%
  3. While absorbing this moisture, wool releases energy in the form of heat, thus raising the temperature of its surrounding areas. Naturally releasing this moisture in the warmer seasons, wool creates a cooling effect on the same surroundings.
  4. Multiple layered wool fibres effectively reduce airborne sound transfer







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