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  • Feb

    Know your Property Areas in terms of Square Foot

    If you are going to buy the home, you get hundreds of dimensions and thousands of details. The most and first important thing is Location …

  • Feb

    A Power of Attorney for Real Estate

    A Power of Attorney is written document in which one person appoints another person to act as an agent on his or her behalf, thus …

  • Feb

    Essentials of Maintenance Charges on the Property

    To keep surroundings of your housing society clean and clear, the only way is to pay maintenance charges. Most of owner of the property end …

  • Feb

    Guidance for Investment in Pre-launch Project

    Usually, you used to search property by reading advertisements in newspapers and real estate websites. Several weeks pass by before you identify a property. It’s a …

  • Feb

    Checklist of the Documents While Buying the Property

    Buying a Property is the single major investment you make. Given that real estate is among our most expensive purchases. Before buying a property, there …

  • Jan

    Procedure of Getting Home Loan

    Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions a person has to take during his life. A home loan is a crucial part …

  • Jan

    Understand The Tax Structure for Property Purchase

    The purchase of the residential property is one of the most important life time and long-term decision. The real estate industry is one of the …

  • Jan

    Why Talegaon is good for safe Investment?

    These days in Pune Realty Market, investors and end users are getting good property options and break in term of diversity, quality construction, ultra-modern amenities …

  • Jan

    Best Android Apps for Home Improvement

    There are a lot of online videos, books and other things you can use; did you know that you can also use your smartphone? There …

  • Jan

    How to work from home efficiently?

    Work from home is quiet good idea on so many levels. With the growth of technology and entrepreneurship, more people seem to be working from …

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