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Blueprint, For An Ideal House


A home often reflects its occupants preferences. So, layouts and other amenities are crucial aspects of home buying. This blog explains how getting the interiors and exterior landscaping right, is the key to comfortable living

Apart from the design elements, architects’ perception of houses are by and large the same as any other home buyer. Architects’ needs and home buyers’ needs may vary in terms of aesthetics but these needs are similar when it comes to utility. Although contemporary home buyers are well-informed, architects have several tips to offer, regarding space, order, aesthetics and utility.

The exterior of a house can be deceptive

The external design of a house plays a major role in attracting buyers. Iconic building designs often lure buyers but these buildings may fail to provide functional space to its residents. Hence, care must be taken to check the layout and other amenities, he advises. According to architects, the regulation and control of materials used in construction and decoration is crucial, irrespective of whether the house is a bungalow, a duplex, a flat or a penthouse. The materials used, textures and colours and their relationship with each other should be consistent.

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial investments for any individual. Therefore, home seekers should undertake proper market research and survey, prior to finalising any deal. One should consider present as well as future requirements, when looking for a new home. Age of the property and defects should also be considered. Choosing the correct location is crucial. A background check on the builder’s reputation and previous projects, can give a fair idea about the quality of the construction. One must also check whether all the legal clearances for the property are in place, before investing in ongoing projects.

Space layout is crucial

The overall look and feel of the habitable space is of prime importance. The space requirement for a family of two in Mumbai is likely to be different from the requirement of a family with children and this, in turn, may be different from the space required for senior citizens. Studio apartments with open layouts work well for a family of two. For larger families, with children and elders, it is important to look for additional amenities like recreational spaces, swimming pools for children, walking tracks for senior citizens, etc., within the complex. Some buyers may also prefer gated bungalows in a well-planned layout and the presence of security systems, he points out. It is important to evaluate the appearance, as well as the performance of any architectural space.

Minimalistic interiors

The interiors of a home often reflects its occupants’ preferences. The interiors can either merge with the exteriors or differ from it, depending on how space is utilised. The interiors must reflect the owner’s lifestyle. One needs to consider important factors like natural light filtering into the home, cross ventilation, ceiling height, provision and location of air-conditioner units and other aspects. Marble flooring, bathroom fixtures, automation systems integrated with mood lighting, etc., may be standard amenities in high-end projects. On the other hand, depending on the project, one may also decide to take the bare home and personalise it.

A minimalistic approach towards the interiors of the house can make a small room appear big. Large-sized marble, stone or tiles and longer planks for wooden floors, give an illusion of space. Rugs with multiple patterns can be used to cover up existing floors with smaller grids. Floor lamps and lighting that highlights the ceiling can brighten up the space. One can also use contrasting colours and textures to create an impact. For example, a neutral background with shades of white and grey can be used with natural wood, marble and other soft furnishings. Mirrors over consoles and on panels make a room appear larger than it is.

Use objects and books to personalise your display. Furniture and loose fabrics can also make a visual impact. Unique items can also be used as accents in the living room décor. The layout of the sofas in the living rooms should enable the occupants to move about comfortably.

Landscape, as a relief space and a sign of luxury

Good planning of outdoor space is a must. Safe paths for pedestrians, defined areas for vehicular movement, adequate parking, secure play areas for children and recreation zones for senior citizens, are the least that one would expect from a project when one is investing his/her life’s savings. Irrespective of whether the project is situated in a coastal, riparian, agricultural, or hilly area, or even in the wilderness, an appropriate architecture is one that merges with the natural systems that exist in its surroundings. The common man not only lives in his/her apartment but also in the shared surrounding area. Therefore, in addition to offering aesthetic appeal, landscaping also provides home owners with daily habitable areas for them to socialise in. Building complexes with landscapes show an eye for quality and value for nature. A landscape is the relief space in a property; it is a sign of luxury.


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