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Best Tricks to Manage Your Laundry Room:


The value of this task lies in its soothing routine and the satisfaction taken at the end result: a basket of still-warm, freshly folded clean clothes. Make the time spent getting to that result even more enjoyable with our ideas for sprucing up your laundry room.

The laundry room is the one room in the house that never seems to live up to its potential. But while the laundry room is traditionally one of the home’s smaller rooms, that doesn’t mean that its space can’t be optimized for maximum efficiency and storage. In fact, you can increase your laundry room’s storage space by making just a few changes.

Make a Plan:

Experts believe the number one way to maintain an organized laundry room is to make a plan.  What would you like to do with the space?  Determine how you can best utilize the space.  Before organizing, discern the exact function of your laundry room.  Will you only do laundry in the space or do you also use the space as a linen closet or utility room? If you’re simply using the space for laundry, either purge or find another home for items that don’t support that function. Each shelf or drawer should contain similar items.  It may also be helpful to store cleaning supplies in a carry-all caddy or open-top storage container for easy access.

Be Efficient:

For large families with lots of laundry, consider doubling up with two stackable units that save time and space. An oversize table makes a pleasant spot for folding laundry, ironing, sewing, or even working on crafts.

Make it a space you love:

If you ask people, it is almost a sure guarantee that very few would tell you that they actually liked to do laundry.  To make it bearable, use bins that are decorative and functional. Paint the walls and hang some art on unused wall space.  If the space is decorated nicely, the pile of dirty clothes growing won’t seem as bad as it looks.  Some Experts explains the importance of not neglecting the space and making it resemble a dumping ground of dirty clothes.  Divided laundry bins take a step out of the process and keep clothing sorted and off the floor.

Install a Shelf with a Closet Rod:

A shelf with a closet rod installed beneath it is an easy and effective way to double your storage space along one wall in your laundry room. Not only does the shelf give you a place to store your detergents, fabric softeners and other laundry-related items, but the closet bar below it gives you a handy place to hang-dry your delicate on those days when it’s raining outside.

Be Careful:

Not ready to invest time and money in a major renovation? Try this simple fix that has big impact: Place a vintage table between the washer and dryer for additional storage.

Install an under sink Shelf on the Laundry Tub:

If you have a laundry tub in your laundry room, you can purchase and install a plastic, under sink shelf that allows you to store things under the tub and off the floor. This is a great place to store cleaning chemicals or paint supplies.

Put things and be imaginative:

Put things that you love but no longer use, such as this doll house, to playful yet practical use. Anchored to the wall with decorative brackets, it becomes the highlight in an otherwise understated room. Each room of the doll house makes an easy-to-access cubby for laundry supplies.

Add Versatility:

Many laundry rooms pull double duty. This one, with its location near the garden, makes an ideal potting area, too. If you’re planning to add a sink, position it near the washer to save steps. A linoleum floor offers easy cleanup.

Be Discreet:

This ironing board folds up and slides neatly out of the way in a customized drawer when not in use. For a similar solution at less-than-custom prices, try an ironing cupboard, a shallow cabinet that holds a foldaway ironing board and supplies. Or use the simple over-the-door ironing board.

Install a Wall Cabinet:

A basic wall cabinet is not expensive, but you might get lucky and find that someone down the block has renovated their garage and is throwing a few out. Wall cabinets are a great place to store extra supplies in your laundry room, and since they’re hung on the wall, they leave the floor open for other purposes.

Use Door-Hanger Shelves:

Door-hanger shelves are small shelves that hang on the back of the door. Simply place a few small containers on the shelves and fill them with all those easy-to-lose items like clothespins, stain-eliminating pens, starch sprays and so on.

Install a Corner Storage Rack:

Corners are often forgotten about in the laundry room, other than as a place to lean the broom or mop. But a corner storage rack not only increases your storage capacity in the room, but it also helps your laundry room look its best.

Make the Most of it:

Laundry rooms can be trick, tight spaces.  It can be hard to judge off angles and nooks in a laundry room so it is important to measure surfaces before buying bins and other storage items.  Add sturdy shelving to utilize the awkward space between the washer and dryer.  It can also be helpful to use a shoe hanger on the back of the door to store items you use regularly like stain sticks and dryer sheets.

Install Pull-Out Shelving in Thin Spaces:

If there is a gap between a cabinet and the wall, you might have enough room in that gap to install a pull-out shelving system. Pull-out shelves are thin metal shelves on either tracks or casters that can hold an assortment of small laundry and cleaning items. Once you’re finished grabbing whatever you need from your shelf, simply roll it back into place, and it’s concealed.

Build an All-in-One Laundry Station:

An all-in-one laundry station only works when you have a front-loading washer and dryer of the same height, each with a flat top and the controls on the front of the machine. Simply place a storage unit (slightly taller than the washer and dryer) next to the washer and another next to the dryer, so that you have a storage unit, the washer, the dryer and the other storage unit all together in a row. Next, place a cut-to-length piece of laminate countertop over the entire span. Now you not only have a lot of storage next to both appliances, but you also have an instant garment-folding station right above them.


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