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Advantages of oak wooden flooring


Wood flooring has become a popular trend in homes in recent years. Most house owners do not think of the flooring when they plan to renovate the house. Whether you are fitting the flooring in one room or to the entire house, you can fix wood for warm and comfortable feeling. Wood is looks eye-catching as well.  Hardwood furniture has a classic feel and adds genuineness to any home. Worn and worn carpets can make a room look dated, but the warmth and shine of a wood floor is hard to beat. There are many different types of hardwood furniture you can choose from depending on the look you want to achieve. These include:

  1. Oak furniture/flooring
  2. Rustic oak furniture/flooring
  3. Pine furniture/flooring
  4. Dark wood furniture/flooring
  5. Walnut furniture/flooring

From the above types of hard wooden flooring, Oak, in particular, is an excellent choice. It is hard wearing and will hold its good looks for years to come. Out of all the wood flooring choices available today, oak seems to be at the top of everyone’s list. Normal flooring lose the energy and beauty with time. It is a natural course. Yet, like rich wine, oak becomes even better as it gets old. The color of the timber deepens and thus the flooring shines with strength.

Take a look at some of the specific advantages of oak wooden flooring:

New trend of flooring:

Nearly every new home built these days comes with tile, carpet, or wood. While tile and carpet have their uses and special qualities, wood floors are often the most beautiful and appealing. Many of these flooring products make great use of renewable resources while avoiding the use of any diminishing species of wood. These manufactured floors offer a great value, with a wide range of colors, finishes, and species. Their installation is fairly simple and easy.


Toughness and Sustainability:

Hardly will you hear any quote about Sustainability of wood?  Yet, this material lasts for a long time. You will not have to replace the flooring every now and then. In addition, wood resists assault of time and shines with vigor as time passes. However, even the strongest mountain of the world has some cracks.

Wood is not without its share of liability. This material can be exposed to risk of holding scratches and other marks. If you have pet, the flooring will be exposed to scratches even more. You need to think of a proper solution to prevent the mark.

Elegance and designs:

As a home owner you will focus on the style, elegance and design as well. This is only natural. Of course you should select the flooring for toughness and other qualities, yet if the materials do not look good, the look of the house will suffer significantly. Oak comes in different style and colors. You will be able to choose from the styles and patterns that are available. Suiting the decoration of your house, you will be able to pick up the style and pattern.


The big advantage is that if you decide to sell your home, hardwood floors will increase the value of your home and help the home to sell faster. It is important to remember that this flooring does not come cheap. To get good quality oak, you need to have high budget.  However, if you install oak flooring, the cost of your house will automatically rise. You can take it as a profitable investment process.

Hygiene and Cleanliness:

Oak carpet or oak flooring can hold dust which encourages mites to breed and it is these little creatures and their eggs that cause so many allergies, especially asthma in children. A wood floor is easy to keep clean and dust free with a quick swipe of a dust mop, reducing the risk of dust mite allergens lurking unseen.



To keep the beauty of the flooring, some simple maintenance is required. To prevent scratches and grazes from furniture, the use of furniture pads and felt-bottomed castor cups is suggested by most manufacturers. Use a dust mop several times a week to keep the flooring dust free and clean the floor occasionally with a product designed for use on wooden floors, taking into consideration the particular finish of your floor. Avoid the use of rough cleaners, sponges or cloths.

If a deep hollow or scratch appear on your flooring there is no need to fear. It will not mean replacing the whole floor. The affected panel can be removed and replaced and the floor will look like new.


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