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Add a “Pillar Support” as a Design in your home:


Every house needs at least a few columns to support the load of the upper floors or the roof. As such, there are chances for these structures to jut out at odd places in your home. Not to worry though, you can transform these pillars into attractive design features. Throughout architectural history architects and designers alike have had to find creative ways to address the issue of structure versus aesthetics in building homes. Pillars or Columns are one of those designs that are essential for structural support to carry the loads from the roof, upper floors to the ground to support your home. While you may think that columns have to be covered there are some amazing ways to show them.

Here are some excellent ways in which you can transform these columns into attractive design features.

The primary design Structure:

Get in touch with structural engineer beforehand and work out the design aesthetics in order to make sure when the Pillars do come up, they blend in with the interiors properly. For instance, you can ask to the structural engineer leave out from placing pillars in the middle of a large space like a living room or the kitchen.

Grand designs:

Try opting for classic columns that would come with extravagant capitals (the top) if you want your interiors to look grand. For instance, you can opt for a basic Tuscan style column with simple lines, or a more elaborate design like the Corinthian Style column with leaves and swirls. When placed in the living room, foyer or bedroom, the columns would stand out and provide that extra grandeur to the room.

Arrangement of Furniture:

The best ways to utilize the space available near the Pillars would be to place your furniture accordingly. In addition to making the pillar stand out, this arrangement would enhance the creative look of your house. For instance, you can opt for wood, bricks or stones as column wraps for exterior decks around the pillar to provide a visually pleasing seating arrangement.


Pillar Decoration:

It is not compulsory that the pillars look plain. You can decorate them with anything you want in order to make them look visually appealing. For instance, you can use clinging or climbing greenery like Climbing Ivy to cover the columns placed on the terrace or in the patio. When covered completely, the columns would look stunning and blend in with the rest of the greenery seamlessly.

Add grandeur and scale:

Classical columns with eye-catching capitals (the top of the column) can be displayed as basic Doric and Tuscan style with simple lines or can be as elaborate as Corinthian style with intricate leaves, swirls and detailing. Used in a main foyer or even in your large master bathroom will create a luxurious and classical atmosphere.


Using of the Best:

Consider what type of material will work best depending on design in your home. For many chic urban lofts the appeal of exposed steel columns that can be painted or left unpainted is a design aesthetic many love for their industrial-inspired homes. While if your home lends itself more towards refined and traditionally appointed interiors then drywall wraps around columns are a beautiful way to finish off an open basement or large room.

Enhance visual appeal:

If you want to enhance the grandeur of a particular room or space in your home, then consider placing some faux aka non-structural Pillars that would not bear any load, but still look majestic on the outdoor porch or entryway in your home.


With a little thought and creativity, you can transform the pillars in your home otherwise plain looking structures into focal points that can catch every one’s eyes without fail.






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