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8 Safety Items Every Home Should Have:


When we spends unreasonable amounts of money to smarten and make our homes look good shouldn’t we spend a little more money to make sure that it is also safe for us? Our Home is our sanctuary. But more often than not we have to face newspaper stories and personal experiences of how someone’s home became the scene of loss, theft, accidents or even worse death.

Safety items in India have become essential now because of our lifestyle as well as the current social environment where we are exposed to a lot of dangers every day.

Here are 8 Safety items that should be available in every house.

Smoke Detector:


Install a smoke detector on every floor of your home, and make sure one is installed near all bedrooms. Smoke detectors are help to increase your chances of survival in a fire and also it can reduce the chance of fatalities by almost 40 percent in case of a fire. Most fires that claim lives occur at night and Most of the deaths related to a fire are caused by gases and smoke originating from the fire rather than direct burns and having a smoke detector will reduce that chance. Test detectors once a month, and change batteries when you adjust your clocks in the spring and fall.

Carbon Monoxide Detector:


Carbon monoxide is the most common reason of death from poisoning in the every corner in world. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced when a fuel burns partly. Carbon monoxide can easily leak from a defective or unsuitably vented home heating system. Install a carbon monoxide detector on each floor of your home, including the basement and outside of your bedrooms. Check it once a month, and replace the batteries once a year.

Emergency Kit:


Although your chances of experiencing a terrorist attack are low, having a cache of emergency supplies on hand can make you feel more in control.  Have enough bottled water and nonperishable foods for at least three days including extra eyeglasses and medication, vitamin and mineral supplements, a battery-powered radio, a manual can opener, toilet paper, paper towels, and a change of clothing for each person. If there is a baby in the house, include ready-to-feed formula, baby food, and disposable diapers.

First-Aid Kit:


We all should have it but I doubt if any of our houses have even the basic medical kit to treat small injuries or accidents. First-Aid Kit Should have the items like bandage, sterile gauze, burn dressing, cotton roll, ear buds, micro porous tapes, vinyl gloves, adhesive plaster, savlon/dettol, tincture iodine, scissor, a pocket guide etc. Check expiration dates and periodically restock. And educate yourself on how to treat injuries.

Fire extinguishers:


Fire extinguishers can help to prevent small fires turning into raging fires. They also give you a head way till the fire fighters come and extinguish the fire completely. Keep an eye on the extinguishers expiration dates and pressure gauges and replace as indicated.

Car Seats:


Recent car accidents have shown that kids travelling in the front seat will face more grievous injuries than those traveling in the rear seats. Even if sitting in rear seats kids should be secured in car seats and there have been recommendation by traffic authorities to make car seats mandatory in India like US and other countries.



Keep flashlights where you can easily get to them in case of power outages and severe weather in house. At such times it is easy to walk around bumping into furniture, falling from stairs or walk into any danger so it is better to have flashlights in house at same place. Test them regularly. Keep extra batteries close by so that you don’t have to fumble blindly in an emergency. These will also be great for night walks, hiking, holidays, road trips etc. We carried one for our trip and it was very useful in the mountain terrains.

Paper spray:













It is used in self-defense against human and animal attack, as well as for riot and crowd control. Given the pathetic condition of women safety in India, these pepper sprays make a lot of sense. It is a great self-defense device in threatening situations. A canister of pepper spray can be used anywhere between 7-20 times depending on the cost of the product, and can be used from a distance of 6-8 feet.


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